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Prof. Dr. José M. Córdoba Gallego

Hippocrates after curing many diseases himself fell sick and died. Alexander, and Pompeius, and Caius Caesar, after so often completely destroying whole cities, and in battle cutting to pieces many ten thousands of cavalry and infantry, themselves too at last departed from life. What means all this? Thou hast embarked, thou hast made the voyage, thou art come to shore; get out. If indeed to another life, there is no want of gods, not even there. But if to a state without sensation, thou wilt cease to be held by pains and pleasures, and to be a slave to the vessel, which is as much inferior as that which serves it is superior: for the one is intelligence and deity; the other is earth and corruption. M.A.

Good life everybody! 

Nanostructures and Materials Synthesis Master Course.

Faculty of Physics (US), Seville, oct 2020


Surface Engineering Course Beginning

Faculty of Physics (US), Seville, oct 2020

Solid State Chemistry Master Course.

Faculty of Physics (US), Seville, oct 2020


Lattice model obtained from Rietveld analysis for [010] projection Pnma heat treated LaGaO3 mechanosynthesized samples. The o→r transition was not observed and the temperature effect on the GaO6 octahedral distortion is showed. This isosymmetric phase transition (IPT, this which shows no change in Wyckoff positions or crystallographic space group) led to a change in the coordination of the La-O, from LaO12(300ºC), to LaO8(500ºC), LaO8(800ºC) and LaO7(1100ºC)

The limitations of straight WC-Co hard metals in cutting applications are well known. High-entropy alloy (HEA) is one kind of the new sintering additives for ceramics, which could lower the sintering temperature and inhibit the grain growth of ceramics and possess excellent wettability with ceramics, also.

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